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This year, my class decided to dedicate the 1979 Oak to 
truly deserving individuals who have been supportive, sympathetic, 
and always ready to listen. People with these qualities are 
rare, and I consider myself fortunate to know them. 

Through these three years, my family and friends have been 
there constantly, understanding my moods and moments of frustra- 
tion — even when I didn't. In this time of unrest and uncertainty 
in my life, they have remained strong and steadfast in their 
belief in me and my ability to face any obstacle; accepting me 
whether I succeeded or failed. 

During my years in nursing school, the quiet moments 
spent with family and friends, like those I cherished as a 
child, have become far too infrequent, but thoughts of my 
loved ones are always with me. 

The dedication of the 1979 Oak expresses my love and 
gratitude for my family and friends. 


As we passed through our three years here at 

Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing, we, 

the class of 1979, have had many new 

experiences, both elating and frustrating. Lynn 

Freed is a person who understood our fears 

and frustrations, and empathized with us, as she 

too was embarking upon a new experience here 

in teaching. We hope that just as she was 

helping us grow, we were aiding her in her 

adaptation to a new environment. Together we 

met the challenges ahead of us. Lynn is by our 

side not only as an instructor, but as a friend. 

We extend our thanks to you Lynn, for showing 

guidance as well as companionship. 

In Memory 

And God shall wipe away 
all tears from their eyes; 
and there shall be no more 

neither sorrow, nor crying, 
neither shall there be any more pain: 
for the former things are passed away. 
Rev. 21:4 

I think we will all remember Jenny Kurtz; her " 
kind and friendly smile, her soft hello each day. 
No matter how hurried she was, Jenny always 
had time to talk, and listen to our problems. She 
never had anything bad to say about people, but 
always saw the good in them. We will remember 
her with the same warmth and kindness that she 
gave to us. The joy and love that she gave will 
long be remembered. Even though Jenny is no 
longer with us, we the class of 1979, continue to 
think of her with love in our hearts. 



Freshman Class Officers: (Seated) Brenda 
Hoff, Class Historian; Cathy Eddy, 
President; Patty Brislin, Secretary. 
(Standing) Sandra Russell, Vice President; 
Debra Campbell, Nominations Committee 
Representative; Robin Welker, Treasurer. 

BOTTOM ROW LEFT; Judy Flook, Nanette Younkin, Cindy Zart, Connie Frishko, LeAnn 

Stahlnecker, Pamela Falk, Sue MacDowell, Patty Brislin, Deana Phillips, Mary Banko, Irene 

Tizekker, Brenda Hoff, Melanie Snyder, Cathy Eddy, Kelly Kerstetter. 

SECOND ROW: Kim Peters, Sharon Shaffer, Sharon Buckwalter, Sharon Bressler, Jean 

Grego, David Rhodes, Beverly Lloyd, Candace Lauver, Jackie Patchen, Robin Welker, Beth 

Shelley, Teresa Gunning, Audrey Zerby, Gaye Straub, Linda Divel. 

THIRD ROW: Joyce Vonada, Cathy Hall, Carolyn Brooks, Susan Donachy, Diana 

Truckenmiller, John Bechtel, Robert Irvine, Kim Johnson, Sheila Schwab, Connie Friant, 

Maureen Shafer, Christine Mathews. 

FOURTH ROW: David Servey, Linda Weinhardt, Donna Crain, Andrew Hardy, Tina Calvert, 

Cheryl Holt, Debra Campbell, Susan Lachner, Carolyn Harbach, Debra Arthur, Lisa Wells, 

Sandra Hepburn, Peggy Cartwright, LeAnn Clites, Christine Vinitski, Sandra Russell. 


■ g g 


junior Class Officers: Anita Owens, Vice 
President; Sue Robbins, Secretary; Linda 
Hoffman, Treasurer; Kathy Tagliaferri, 

BOTTOM ROW LEFT: Debbie Yates, Laureen Varndell, Lori Kline, Vesta Whitacre, Edie 

Mitchley, Linda Hummel, Dawn Bartholomew, Lisa Belford, Dee Ann James, Shelley Search, 

Chris Stowe, Anita Owens. 

SECOND ROW: Pat Kiess, Ann DiFabbio, Beth Scott, Kathy Morris, Laurie Watson, Sue 

Robbins, Celia Watkins, Eileen Prentiss, Doreen Rigel. 

THIRD ROW: Stacey Mader, Janice Pysher, Lisa Reeves, Lisa Lippoli, Lori Klobe, Jean 

Audet, Scarlet Kelley, Barb Green, Deb Mosteller, Melanie Plank. 

FOURTH ROW: Julie Kirkner, Diane Hopper, Kathy Tagliaferri, Elaine Wilson, Sharon 

Floyd, Bettyann Horvath, Brad Watts, Rick Poust, Linda Hoffman, Al Tagliaferri, Rick 

McCartney, Mindy Roan, Peggy Staub, Dawn Stugart, Wilda Rubino. 



Senior Class Officers: Linda Peterman, 
Vice President; Debby Klotz, 
President; Michelle Baier, Secretary; 
Cindy Vilello, Treasurer. "We uphold 
our President.'" 

Sandy Rhodes, Leann 
Stuempfle — Copy Editor; 
Dawn Henrie — Business 
Manager; Kathy Roush, 
Connie Ritter, Ruth 

Linda Anderson — 
Photography Editor; 
Linda Peterman — Layout 
Editor; Kelly Glossner, 
Cindy Vilello, Nancy 
Moyer, Debby Klotz, 
Trudy Shoemaker, Janie 
Frederick — Business 


August 16 

Becky J. Alexander 

Flighty, quiet 

Are you dizzy? . . . tennis, 

I shall pass through this world but once, 

Any good, therefore, that I can do 

Or any kindness that I can show, 

To any human being 

Let me do it now. Let me not defer it or 

neglect it, for 
I shall never pass this way again. 
Steven Grellet 


July 26 

Brenda M. Terry 

Aggressive, sports-lover and participator . . . 
"I can't even take it" . . . sports, crafts, 

/ will not 
Dream of my strength and youth, 
of missed chances, 
of things that were, 
of things that were not. 

I will 
Calculate the low and high tides 

and put out once more 

into a treacherous sea 

full of knowledge 

of my unaging Captain M God. 
Compiled by Brenda — Terry 




March 18 

Carol L. Pifer 

"Wild and crazy gal", talks to everybody 
Life's a *?/... driving, speeding tickets. 

If I can stop one heart from breaking, 

I shall not live in vain; 

If I can ease one life the aching, 

Or cool the pain, 

Or help one fainting robin 

Unto his nest again, 

I shall not live in vain. 

Emily Dikinson (1830-1886) 



October 26 

Celeste Caroway 

Quiet . . . What time do we have to he there? 

. . . macrame, sewing. 

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again 
Through this toilsome world alas! 
Once and only once I pass; 
If a kindness I may show, 
If a good deed I may do 
To a suffering fellow man, 
Let me do it while I can. 
No delay, for it is plain 
I shall not pass this way again. 
Alexander Pope 


February 14 

Cheryl L. Hilner 

Quiet, easy to get along with . . . whoops! 
horses, needlepoint, booney riding. 

Come dance with the west wind 
And touch all the mountain tops 
Sail o're the canyons 
And up to the stars. 

And reach for the heavens 
In hope for the future 
And all that we can be 
Not what we are. 

from the Eagle and the Hawk 

John Denver 


February 4 

Connie L. Ritter 

Sleezy smiles, easy going 
eating, sleeping. 

I am not afraid of tomorrow 
for I have seen yesterday 
and I love today. 

William Allen White 




January 22 

Cynthia L. Carstetter 

Rowdy but friendly ... Oh piffle.' . . . biking 
tennis, talking, stitchery. 

A song is not a song until you sing it — 
A bell is not a bell unless you ring it — 
Love wasn't put in your heart to stay — 
Love isn't love until you give it away. 
Oscar Hammerstein 


f s I 


December 14 


Cynthia A. Vilello 

Quiet, "out-of-it" . . . Oh, that's right! 
ing, sleeping, needle crafts. 

The important thing is this: 
to be able at any moment 
to sacrifice what we are 
for what we could become. 
Charles DuBos 



April 18 

Quiet, likes music, likes to talk 
God's sake.' . . . eating. 

When all other reaches fail, 
Try music. 

It is a stream that flows 
Into all hidden silences 
And speaks its rhythm 
Into eloquent response. 
John D. Engle, Jr. 

. Oh, for 


V / . 


November 5 

Dawn Henrie 

Crazy, perfectionist, romantic at heart . . . Frit, 
Groan . . . Jamie, play piano, read, latch hook 

If you love someone you will be loyal to 
him no matter what the cost. You will 
always believe in him, and always stand 
your ground in defending him. 

1 Corinthians 13:7 

The Living Bibie 


December 27 

Deborah Klotz 

Creative, popular, fun . . . If I get a phone call, 
I'm in the shower.' . . . crocheting, crewel, sew- 

The sweetest lives are those to duty wed, 
Whose deeds both great and small 
Are close-knit strands of an unbroken 
thread, where love enables all, 
The world may sound no trumpets, ring no 
bells, the Book of Life the slurring 
record tells. 

Thy love shall chant its own beatitudes, 
After its own like working. A child's 
kiss set on thy singing lips shall make 
thee glad; A poor man served by thee shall 
make thee rich; Thou shalt be served 
thyself by every sense of service which 
thou renderest. 


November 21 

Deborah Hales Steinbacher 

Cheerful, friendly, easy to get along with 
Oh no! . . . sewing. 

Far away there in the sunshine are my 

highest aspirations. 

I may not reach them, 

But I can look and see their beauty, 

Believe in them, and try to follow 

Where they lead. 

Louisa May Alcott 


December 11 

Denise M. Hamm 

Enthusiastic, smiles alot, cheerful 
how do you spell . . . jogging. 


But they that wait upon the Lord shall 
renew their strength. They shall mount up 
with wings like eagles; they shall run 
and not be weary; they shall walk and not 

Isaiah 40:31 


-f; *".: - - • If. 

*? j»4rj> .. 

January 30 

Diane Baer 

Liquid lover, extremely drifty, crazy nut, easy 
going . . . Huh? What? . . . daily walks, check- 
ing out the guys. 

I am only one, 

But still I am one. 

I cannot do everything, 

But still I can do something; 

And because I cannot do everything 

I will not refuse to do the something 

that I can do. 

Edward Everett Hale 


August 28 

Diane Doughty 

Quiet, bashful, likes Star Trek, likes peanut 
butter ice cream . . . You've got to be kidding 
. . . ceramics, latch hook rugs, K.V.N. 

All things bright and beautiful, 
All creatures great and small. 
All things wise and woderful, 
The Lord God made them all. 
Cecil Frances Alexander 


Erin Downs 

Sneezy, likes to sleep . . . Huh? Is Burt Rey- 
nolds on J.C. tonight? . . . napping. 

Love when you can 
Cry when you have to 
Be who you must 
That's a part of the plan. 
Dan Fogelberg 



April 7 

Gayle L. Ganoe 

Humorous, friendly, deep-thinker . . . This is 
really bizarre . . . swimming, reading. 

Three things in life are real: 

God, human folly, and laughter. 
The first two are beyond our comprehension 

so we must do what we can 

with the third. 
Hindu Proverb 


October 31 

Geoffrey Kiesinger 

Assertive . . . That's absolutely ridiculous . . . 
shooting, reloading. 

This above all, to thine ownself 
be true. 



March 19 

Janie M. Frederick 

Bubbly, energetic ... I wanta get outa here 
macrame, quilting, crewel. 

You will find, as you look 
back upon your life, 
that the moments that stand out 
are the moments when you 
have done things for others. 
Henry Drummond 


August 21 

Kandice K. Kibbe 

Likes to sing, always laughing . . . Tough ba- 
nanas.' . . . sleeping. 

Before God's footstool to confess, 
A poor soul knelt, and bowed his head; 
"I failed," he cried. 

The Master said, "Thou didst thy best — 
that is success." 



September 20 

Kathaleen Kline 

Easy going, cheerful at times . . . Does any- 
body know where Keith is? . . . sewing, crewel 

Happiness is like a butterfly. 

The more you chase it, the more it will 

elude you. 
But if you turn your attention to other 

It comes and softly sits on your shoulder. 
L. Richard Lessor 



October 6 

Kathryn E. Williams 

Likes junk food, sighs alot . . . Turn it to 
Search for Tomorrow . . . reading, needle- 

"Rivers belong where they can ramble, 

Eagles belong where they can fly. 

I've got to be where 

my spirit can run free; 

I've got to find 

my corner of the sky." 

* * .: *• 


January 20 

Kathy Roush 

Agreeable, always on the run . . . Gezzo-Pezzo 
. . . Greg, eating. 

Your future depends upon yourself, 
upon the realization of your potential, 
upon the development of your skills 
and talents, upon your dreams and 
your attitude toward life. 

Stand tall in the glory of your unique 
selfhood. Give thanks for all that 
you are and all that you may become. 
Wilfred A. Peterson 



• «■ 




V J 

lune 4 

Keith E. Hackenberg 

Easy to get along with, studious . . . Oh yea! 
. . . sports, eating. 

Plan for the future. It gives you 
something to do until the inevitable 



June 28 

Studious, never on time . . . J can't, I have to 
study . . . mo-mouthin', parties, tongue chew- 

There is beauty in everything. 
In happiness shared. In kindness. 
In each small success. In a day. 

There is spiritual beauty 

in friendship and brotherhood. 
And in the perfect beauty that gives meaning 

and purpose to life. 
In its time, in its own way, 

everything is beautiful. 



January 26 

Leann M. Stuempfle 

Can't sit still, very particular, jokes a lot 
Well — you see . . . sleeping, mo-mouthin'. 

Even if it's a little thing, 

do something for those who have 

need of help; 
something for which you get no pay 

but the privilege of doing it. 
Albert Schweitzer 


December 22 

Linda L. Anderson 

Bugs Bunny, outgoing . . . You guys . 
mouthin', parties, sleeping. 

We should all take time to live 
Before each day goes rushing by — 
Time to search for deeper meanings 
And to give our dreams a try . . . 
Time for laughter, time for music, 
Time to look for new ideas 
And to put our thoughts in words . . . 
Time to search the mind and heart — 
Time alone — to help us bring our best 
To every day we start! 



"Linda D." 
August 27 

Linda Dieffenbach 

Witty, does imitations well . . . Oh your kid- 
ding . . . Winstons, Rendezvous. 

People learn something every day, and a 
lot of times it's that what they learned the 
day before was wrong. 
Bill Vaughan 


"Linda I." 
July 9 

Linda Isernhagen 

Cheerful, easy to get along with . . . Hey, that's 
really neat . . . Kents, studying. 

Examinations are formidable even to the 
best prepared, for the greatest fool can 
ask more than the wisest man can answer. 
C.C. Colton 


September 14 

Linda K. Keiper 

Likes to meet different people and learn new 
things ... Is it time to go home yet? . . . 
working with plants, hiking. 

He listens. 

He cares. 

He understands. 

He is always there to turn to and never 

looks away. 
He is my friend. 
He is my lover. 
He is my husband. 

My love for him will grow with each day. 
Linda Keiper 



Linda Peterman 

Goofy, easy to get along with, listening ear . . 
Gag.' Now why? . . . daily walks, guy watcher. 

If I can stop one heart from breaking, 
I shall not live in vain; 
If I can ease one life the aching, 
Or cool one pain, 
Or help one fainting robin 
Unto his nest again, 
I shall not live in vain. 
Emily Dickinson 


April 14 

Margaret Carpenter 

Quiet, pleasant, always willing to help 
Real cute . . . crocheting, reading. 

Yesterday is already a dream 

And tomorrow is only a vision 
But today well lived 

Makes every yesterday a dream of 

And every tomorrow 

A vision of hope. 
The Sanskrit 


November 21 

Margaret P. Moyer 

Unselfish, patient, sarcastic, sensitive . . . Oh, 
who cares . . . reading, babysitting, eating, 
swimming, movies. 

Love is always patient and kind; it is 
never jealous; love is never boastful or 
conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it 
does not take offense, and is not resentful. 

Love takes no pleasure in other people's 
sins but delights in the truth; it is always 
ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to 
endure whatever comes. 

Love does not come to an end. 

I Corinthians 13:4-7 


"Peekie, Peek' 
July 16 

Marianne Peek 

Studious, quiet, easy to get along with, con- 
cave . . . You pig/, Cut it out! I'm so disgusted 
. . . hanging out windows looking for cute 
guys, reading, eating cheese, looking at leaves. 

It doesn't happen all at once, said the skin 
horse. You become. 

It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't 
often happen to people who break easily or 
have sharp edges or who have to be carefully 

Generally, by the time you are real, most of 
your hair has been loved off, and your eyes 
drop out, and you get loose in the joints and 
very shabby. But these things don't matter at 
all, because once you are real, you can't be 
ugly, except to people who don't understand. 

Margery Williams 

The Velveteen Rabbit 


December 18 

Mary Walker 

Nonconformist . . . stick it 
ing, horsebackriding. 

reading, walk- 

You will find, 

as you look back upon your life, 
that the moments that stand out 

are the moments 
when you have done things for others. 
Henry Drummond 


** «\ i 




w ^^ 




July 12 


Maureen Crowley 

Very forgetful and always late . . . Whaaaat, I 
don't know . . . partying. 

Come into the mountains, 

dear friend 

leave society and take 

no one with you 

but your true self 

get close to nature 

your everyday games will 

be insignificant 

notice the clouds spontaneously 

forming patterns 

and try to do that 

with your life. 

Susan Politz Schultz 


May 8 

Michelle L. Baier 

Quiet, friendly, hardworking 
ding . . . reading, hiking. 

I am only one, but I am one. 
I cannot do everything but I 
can do something; and what I 
should do and can do, by 
the Grace of God I will do. 


You're kid- 


^0$ ■■'* * 

January 17 

Nancy J. Moyer 

Quiet, easy to get along with . . . That's okay 
. . . Joe, gospel music, reading. 

Father, I have knowledge, 
So will You show me now 
How to use it wisely 
and find a way somehow 
To make the world I live in 
a little better place . . . 
And make life with its problems 
a bit easier to face 
Grant me faith and courage 
and put purpose in my days 
And show me how to serve Thee 
in the most effective ways 
So all my education, 
my knowledge and my skill, 
May find their true fulfillment 
as I learn to do thy will. 
And may I ever be aware in everything I do 
That knowledge comes from learning 
And wisdom comes from You. 
Helen Steiner Rice 




August 7 

Phyllis L. Tomlinson 

Stridorous laugh . 
ends and sleeping. 

Is it Friday yet? . . . week- 

For everything there is a season, 
and a time for every matter under heaven 
a time to love, and a time to hate; 
a time for war, and a time for peace. 
Ecclesiastes 3:1, 8 



'Becky, Berky, BPH" 
March 29 

Rebecca Hendershot 

Quiet ones can be misleading, moody, talk- 
ative . . . That's life, I'll be on third if anyone 
wants me . . . crocheting, hiking, reading, sing- 
ing, crafts. 

Years of growing, learning, striving and cop- 

Growing and learning never end, 
Striving and coping are means to an end. 
Years of caring, giving, sharing, and hoping. 
Caring and giving to those in need, 
Sharing and hoping for what we can be. 
In order to grow we must learn, strive and 

And in order to care we must give, share and 

Growing and caring are a part of life, 
Learning and giving can bring much strife. 
But with friends at our side, 
And our hearts open wide, 
We can, and will survive. 
Becky Hendershot 


October 1 

Rochelle Crumb 

Tiny, friendly, quiet, studious 
ceramics, needlepoint, D.S. 


There is a destiny that makes us brothers; 

None goes his own way alone: 
All that we send into the lives of others 

Comes back into our own. 
Edwin Marham 



February 22 

Ruth Wymer 

Always smiling, laughs alot 
ing, Jer. 

Youns . . . sew- 

If a man does not keep pace with his compan- 
ions, perhaps it is because he hears a different 
drummer. Let him step to the music which he 
hears, however measured or far away. 



September 25 

Sandra J. Rhodes 

Fun-loving, conscientious, nutty . . . 
Chick! . . . eating, movies, swimming. 

Time, like a mighty river, 

flows on unceasingly. 
It waits for no one and we 

must seize our precious opportunities, 
or they are gone forever. 



April 24 

Scott S. Sholley 

Cheerful, happy-go-lucky . . . 
hunting, fishing, baby-making. 


Little flowers never worry, 

When the wind begins to blow; 

Little flowers never cry, 

When the rain begins to flow; 

For they have learned the secret — 

If it never, never rains 

Then they'll never grow. 

So let it pour, let it pour, Let trouble keep 

knocking at my door; 

For I've learned the secret, 

That those little flowers know; 

So now I can also grow. 


October 27 

Susan B. Mourey 

Goofy, enjoys people, easy going . . . Where's 
the bathroom? . . . eating, sleeping, Mark. 

"Use your eyes as if tomorrow you would be 
struck blind, hear the music of voices, the 
song of a bird, as if you would be struck deaf. 
Touch each object as if tomorrow your sense 
of touch, would fail. Smell the perfume of 
flowers, taste with relish each morsel, as if 
tomorrow you could never smell or taste 

Helen Keller 


August 17 

Easy going 

Teresa Busia 

You'll have this . . . latch hook- 

The days come and go, 
but they say nothing, 
and if we do not use 
the gifts they bring, 
they carry them as silently away. 



1/11 f 



October 13 

Trudy K. Shoemaker 

"Negative", chatty, Franco fan . . . What a 
biter! . . . crocheting, complaining, rooting for 

"When you part from your friend, 

you grieve not; 
For that which you love most in him maybe 
clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the 
climber is clearer from the plain." 
Kahlil Gibran 


March 17 

Vida Endrizzi 

Hipomegaly, outspoken, witty . 
that . . . parking, eating, skating. 

You'll have 

If you think you are beaten, you are. 

If you think you dare not, you don't. 

If you'd like to win 

but you think you can't, 

It's almost a cinch you won't. 

If you think you'll lose, you're lost, 

For out of the world we find 

Success begins with a state of mind. 

Life's battles don't always go 

To the stronger or faster man; 

But sooner or later the man who wins, 

Is the one who thinks he can. 



Remember When . . . 

. . . APATHY was our middle name? 

. . . Diane B. nearly burned down the laundry 
room with her deadly iron? 

. . . we all built arks to save ourselves from the 
wrath of "the Linda A's Flood"? 

. . . Maureen thought that fractional urine with 
coverage meant using a fracture pan and 
covering it with a chux? 

. . . Janie, Sandy, Phyllis, and Maureen met R.Z. 
at the elevator? 

... a strange man peeked at Connie while she 
was showering? 

. . . Darlene thought Guillian Barre' was coming 
to talk to the Rehab students? 

. . . Diane B. asked if an oral temp was 
permissible on a patient who was NPO? 

. . . Cheryl's car had to be pushed up the hill, 
while the snow plow was coming down? 

. . . Maureen thought Euthanasia was young 
people in Asia? 

. . . the moons were visible inside when they 
weren't outside? 

. . . Brenda gave her recitation on diarrhea? 

. . . we diagnosed Erin's allergy to morning? 

. . . Mrs. G. quizzed all her Nursing II students 
except Diane D. — was it because of your height 
that you were overlooked? 

. . . Vida put the test tube in the boiling stones 
instead of the boiling stones in the test tube — 
How long were you waiting, Vida? 

. . . Peek went out looking for her truck driver at 
Diane B's party? 

. . . Pete wore a life jacket on her motorcycle 

. . . Janie put on a fashion show before every 
night out? 

. . . Sandy obeyed the 65 mph speed limit on the 

. . . Sue and Dawn got 3 new roommates — Ricky, 
Joey, and Squeaky? 

. . . Peek and Pete were looking for islets of 
Langerhans on a liver slide? 

. . . Mrs. G. sent Diane B. to the EmR for a 
Hearing test? 

. . . Peek had to fill out an incident report for 
failing to give a suppository to a patient who 
was NPO — wrong end again Peek? 

. . . Kandy wasn't either on the phone or singing? 
No, do you? 

. . . Kathy W. never needed the horny toad 

. . . Clomp . . . Clomp . . . Clomp . . . 
WHAMMMMMM! Margaret M. telephone? 

. . . Young and the Restless, Soap, and 
Backgammon were the Big 3? 

. . . Trudy and Cheryl went over the river and 
through the woods to deliver the Thanksgiving 

. . . Kelly lost something at the Freshman — 
Senior Icebreaker? 

. . . Trudy flooded the floor during every movie? 

. . . Mr. X resolved his erection when Sandy was 
driving by? 

. . . Kathy R. thought fremitus was foul smelling 

. . . Peds went to Selinsgrove and their lunches 
went to Danville? 

. . . Mrs. G. came up on the Jr. floor to visit Mary 
W? Surprized Mary? 

. . . We couldn't wait for Sunday night to hear 
the results of D.B. and L.S.'s weekend? Does he 
or doesn't he? 

. . . We thought breakfast was mandatory? 

. . . ICU got dismissed from class the day after 
Thanksgiving vacation for not being prepared? 

. . . Every time we flushed the toilet, someone got 
scalded in the showers? 

. . . Carol P needed a seeing eye dog for the 
weekend and a miracle to pass the OB final? 


FRONT ROW (L - R): Ms. Sue Ort, Mrs. Mary Ann Keller, Ms. Judy Snyder, Mrs. Maria 

Gustafson, Mrs. Jeanne Dunkle, Mrs. Lynn Freed, Ms. Nancy Hood. 

BACK ROW: Mrs. Shirley Young, Ms. Kathy Smith, Mrs. Mary Ann Streck, Mrs. Bobby 

Bradford, Mrs. Mary Ellen Rosencrance, Mrs. Martha Karchner, Ms. Judy Coup, Ms. Lori 



Ms. S. Ort, Ms. J. Snyder, Mrs. S. Young, Mrs. S. Siegfried. 

Mrs. M. Gustafson, Ms. K. Smith. 
Rehabilitative Nursing: 

Mrs. L. Freed, Mrs. MA. Streck. 
Mental Health: 

Mrs. M.E. Rosencrance, Mrs. M. Karchner. 

Mrs. M.A. Keller, Mrs. B. Bradford. 
Critical Care Nursing: 

Mrs. J. Dunkle, Ms. J. Coup. 
Maternity Nursing: 

Ms. L. Cook, Ms. N. Hood. 


Financial Aid Officer: Mrs. Constance Perry. 

SECRETARIES: Miss A. Malkin, Miss P. Reeder. 

HOUSEMOTHERS (Seated): Mrs. I. Logan, 
Miss R. Zeigler, Res. Director, Mrs. M. 
Ulmer. (Standing): Mrs. J. Plankenhorn, 
Mrs. G. Cellini. 



Smith J. Rudasill III, Assistant Adminstrator; Francis }. Tripoli, Vice President and 
Controller; Clive R. Waxman, President; Richard B. Greene, Vice President and 

(From left to right): Miss J. P. Paradis, Guidance Counselor and Yearbook Advisor; Miss Jean 
Balliet, Director of Nursing Education; Mrs. E. Derr, Assistant Director, Nursing Education. 




Electric Appliance Repairing A Specialty 




PHONE 322-4311 

Ranges Trash Compactors Dryers 

Refrigerators Humidifiers 

Air Conditioners Garbage Disposals 

Washers Water Heaters Freezers 

Dishwashers Icemakers 

Dehumidifiers Microwave Ovens 


Celeste, Janie and Debby" 

Plankenhorn Stationery 

144 West Fourth Street 

Williamsport, Pennsylvania 

Established 1899 

Hoyer's Photo 
Supply Inc. 

"Everything Photographic' 

18 West Fourth Street 

Williamsport, Pa. 



Compliments of 


422 Pine St. 
Wmspt, Pa. 








336 PINE ST. 



Compliments of 






Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Peterman 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Horvath 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Eddy 
Judith A. Snyder 
Richard T. Tignor, M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Roswell Doughty 
Richard B. Tobias, M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Breslin 

Compliments of 


Mr. & Mrs. Harland Shoemaker 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kline 

Nancy E. Hood 

Leah, Sandy & Randy Rhodes 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester Crumb 

Inez R. Logan 

Mr. Smith Rudasill III 

Lynn L. Freed 


"Builders and Excavating" 

RD #1 

Williamsport, Pa. 

PHONE 435-0300 or 326-0759 

"Shorty" 433-3688 

Compliments of 



Uniforms — Smocks — Lab Coats 

Pant Suits 

Mens Professional Shirts 

Mens & Womens Slacks 

OPEN Daily 10 - 5 - Mon & Fri till 9 

11 West 4th St., Wmspt. 

Janie, Diane and Debby" 


841 MAIN ST. 

Compliments of 


Market Street 
Williamsport, Pa. 



902 Arch Street 

Williamsport, Pa. 17701 

Phone 322-6154 


Compliments of 






Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Baier 

Dr. & Mrs. Russell W. Pfeil 

Dr. John Winter 

Jorge Querimit, M.D. P.C. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Williams 

Roberta Bradford 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Williams 

Victor F. Grieco 

R. Craig Nielson 

W. John Wagner, M.D. 

Dr. & Mrs. J. L. Harrison 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Kaiser 

Dr. Charles F. Cipolla 

Harry L. Manning, M.D. 

Dr. John E. Knight 

Rev. & Mrs. James R. Williams 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Yasui 

Larry, Lisa, Lori Dieffenbach 

Mr. & Mrs. Vaughan Johnson 

Dr. & Mrs. David R. Finn 

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Gandy 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Hendershot 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Wasilewski 

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Frederick 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Anderson 

H. A. Ecker, M.D., D.D.S. 

Earl R. Miller, M.D. 

William R. Brink, M.D. 

Dr. William C. McCauley 

Mary R. Schweikle, M.D. 

Mr. A. W. Klotz 

Dr. William T. Ford 

Edward N. Moser, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Roush 

Gladys Cellini 

Franklin G. Wade, M.D. 

Robert Vanderlin, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Tomlinson 

Frieda M. Hilner 

Dr. & Mrs. Farouk M. Georgy 

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew M. Man- 

Mrs. Thelma Mosteller 

Dr. & Mrs. Randall F. Hippie 


Gehron & Sandy Urological Ass. 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Cooper 

Jean C. Balliet 

Lycoming County Medical 

Dr. & Mrs. Philip K. Nelson 

Dr. Edward Lyon 

Dr. & Mrs. James R. Bastian 

Joan P. Paradis 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Glossner 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray E. Vilello 


West Branch Radiological Assoc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Clive R. Waxman 

Dr. Spencer J. Servoss 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Holt 

Joseph Peek 

K. Wayne Henderson, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Endrizzi & 

Dr. & Mrs. George C. Ginter, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Chia S. Shu 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hoff 

H. Joseph Suter, M.D. 

Dr. Robert A. Updegrove 

Robert J. Durrwachter, M.D. 

Dr. & Mrs. William D. Todhunter, 

Dr. & Mrs. William D. Angle 

Jeanne M. Dunkle 





Becky Alexander 

508 Princeton Ave. 


Williamsport, Pa. 


Linda Anderson 
321 S. Church St. 
DuBois, Pa. 15801 

Diane Baer 
Reach Rd. R.D. #3 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Michelle Baier 
R.D. #3 Box 124 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Teresa Busia 
Box 163, R.D. #1 
Millerton, Pa. 16936 

Celeste Caroway 

1431 West Southern 


South Williamsport, 

Pa. 17701 

Margaret Carpenter 
R.D. #1 
Montgomery, Pa. 17752 

Cindy Carstetter 

Box 102 

Antes Fort, Pa. 17720 

Maureen Crowley 
115 Pitney St. 
South Waverly, 


Rochelle Crumb 
R.D. #1 Box 205 
Mansfield, Pa. 16933 

Linda Dieffenbach 
2035 Bloomingrove Rd. 
Williamsport, Pa. 


Diane Doughty 
R.D. #2 Box22lH 
Mansfield, Pa. 16933 

Erin Downs 

950 Main St. 

South Williamsport, 

Pa. 17701 

Vida Endrizzi 
914 Chestnut St. 
Kulpmont, Pa. 17834 

Janie Frederick 
Main St. 
Arnot, Pa. 16911 

Gayle Ganoe 
R.D. #5 Box 90-C 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Kelly Glossner 
106 Cedar Lane 
Mill Hall, Pa. 17751 

Keith Hackenberg 
R.D. #6 
Danville, Pa. 17821 

Denise Hamm 
500 Broad St. 
Montoursville, Pa. 

Becky Hendershot 
R.D. #3 Box 109 
Milton, Pa. 17847 

Dawn Henrie 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 

Cheryl Hilner 
287 S. Second St. 
Hughesville, Pa. 17737 

Linda Isernhagen 
1124 Locust St. 
Montoursville, Pa. 

Linda Keiper 
405V2 Queen St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 

Kandy Kibbe 
R.D. #2 



Geoffrey Kiessinger 
P.O. Box 395 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Kathy Kline 

18 Carrissa Lane 

Greenwich, Conn. 


Debby Klotz 

1105 W. Mountain 


South Williamsport, 

Pa. 17701 

Sue Mourey 
R.D. #4 
Danville, Pa. 17821 

Margaret Moyer 
839 High St. 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Nancy Moyer 
1057 Louisa St. 
Williamsport, Pa. 

Marianne Peek 
830 Pine St. 
Kulpmont, Pa. 17834 

Linda Peterman 

R.D. #2 

Millville, PA 17846 

Carol Pifer 
526 Pifer St. 
DuBois, PA 15801 

Darlene Reeder 
1405 Princeton Ave. 
Williamsport, PA 

Sandy Rhodes 

Box 113 

Numidia, PA 17858 

Connie Ritter 

Box 92 

McClure, PA 17841 

Kathy Roush 
2480 Lincoln Dr. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

Scott Sholley 
1710V2 Market St. 
Lewisburg, PA 17837 

Trudy Shoemaker 
3399 Second St. 
Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

Deb Steinbacher 
457 East Second Ave. 
South Williamsport, PA 

Leann Stuempfle 
2609 Hillside Ave. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

Brenda Terry 

93 Round Hill Rd. 

Williamsport, PA 17701 

Phyllis Tomlinson 
Box 208 R.D. #3 
Dillsburg, PA 17019 

Cindy Vilello 

PO Box 425 

Lock Haven, PA 17745 

Mary Walker 

203 North Water St. 

Mill Hall, PA 17751 

Kathy Williams 
Box 508 R.D. #4 
East Stroudsburg, 

Ruth Wymer 

R.D. #1 

Brockway, PA 15824